Friday, March 25, 2016

Images of Greatness Reflection

Landon Donovan is a soccer player that was born in America. He retired at 32 and still lives today. He played for American teams L.A. Galaxy and San José Earthquakes. He is married to Hannah Bartell and has a son named Talon. How my person is important in his field is the fact that Landon now coaches a team. He encourages kids to play soccer and was an inspiration when playing for America. He showed that people can do well at what the want if they just try. Landon has also played for European teams. He has traveled to different countries but mainly played for America.
My personal definition of greatness is achieving an award, confidence, passion, they don't stop until they get what they want, and they are respectful. Landon Donovan ties in with this by having confidence when he plays. He plays for a reason and really tries to do his best. He has to be respectful to earn his teams trust to know that he will be a team player. Landon Donovan has won a lot of awards through his years of playing soccer. Male Athlete of the Year, MVP, Honda Player of the Year are a few awards that he has won.
When we presented our boards we had to bring a food that tied in with our person. I brought nachos and cheese. This food tied in with Donovan because at stadiums where soccer is played they serve nachos and cheese. I like to call it stadium food. Landon Donovan is American too and this is an American food.
The part of my project that made me the proudest is probably the signed photo I got from him. This made me proud because I got a photo that he signed himself for this project and to keep. I really like this part because he is my Image of Greatness and a role model I look up to. I was able to explain how I got it and in my opinion it was the coolest part. This also made me proud because not many people get a signed photo and I got one from a really good soccer player.
I had challenges along the way to get my project done. I lots of deadlines and we started late so it had to be done fast. I think one of the biggest challenges was getting my Bio-Riddle presented in front of everyone. I don't like speaking to audiences over 5 people. I get really nervous and mess up. Another big challenge was getting my essay turned in. I had trouble typing it because I kept typing and typing. I had to get it in so I had to stay up late to finish it and turn it in. I had fun but it was also very nerve-racking and stressful.

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