Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels Final Project"

The Life of a Snowman.

     In the comics, cartoons, and graphic novel unit I learned about motion lines. I used motion lines by the way the snow is being blown in the wind. I used lines to show that the snow isn't being still but being lines showing fast moving snow. We learned that there are so many different types of borders. In my comics I use different shapes and lines to create different and original designs. The borders of one panel helps lead into the next panel. This is how what I learned this year in the comics, cartoons, and graphic novel unit is shown in my cartoon.


  1. I think my posttest is proficient because I restated the question, I formed an opinion, had at least 2 thorough examples, and complete sentences.

  2. I like your comic. I like the idea of a snowman, and the snow moving is pretty easily recognized. However, I don't like how your frames mostly stay the same. I get how it flows into the next comic but switching it up could add more shazam to the comic. I think you could have elaborated more in your test, because I'm sure you learned more than motion lines and borders. I honestly would say it is close, but you did meet the required criteria but it's not my choice so who am I to judge. Oh well. Good job. Where did the snowman idea come from?