Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stop Motion Animation Reflection

My movie is about a guy sleeping on a park bench. In his dream there are a whole lot of things going on in the background. A few things are; a bug going across the back, Batman floating down then back up. The process of making my stop motion animation movie is long. Each day you come and get the supplies you need to take the photos that day. To get a good movie you set it up the same every day. If you use Imovie you need to take 600 photos for a 60 second movie. The hardest part was getting everything close tom where it was the day before. It looks weird when it moves in the wrong direction. I am proud of the end project. It was long and somewhat hard but I am glad with the end product. It looks very good. The movie came out just like what we wanted. A guy sleeping on a bench with a weird dream. Animation is very cool. You can see what it looks like before you edit it. IF you only see the final movie you don't see what was animated or edited.

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