Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels Final Project"

The Life of a Snowman.

     In the comics, cartoons, and graphic novel unit I learned about motion lines. I used motion lines by the way the snow is being blown in the wind. I used lines to show that the snow isn't being still but being lines showing fast moving snow. We learned that there are so many different types of borders. In my comics I use different shapes and lines to create different and original designs. The borders of one panel helps lead into the next panel. This is how what I learned this year in the comics, cartoons, and graphic novel unit is shown in my cartoon.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Reading Contract 4th Quarter

     I read 6 books this year. I didn't make my goal. I was gone for 3/4 of the year. I didn't read as much because of moving too.
The Outsiders----192
Hunger Games--- 374
Artemis Fowl-----316
Purple Heart-------208
The Limit---------- 304
No I didn't read books from every genre, because I didn't read as much over at the other side of the state. My favorite is Sci-Fi.
I didn't read as much as last year. I read a lot less. Part of the reason is that I didn't try to. The other part is that I was moving and didn't have to at the other school.
I grew by reading more advanced books. I am reading more young adult and adult books. I am also to understand parts better.
I plan to read over the summer at the public library. The library has books air condition and has comfy spots for good reading. I hope to get more books read.
What book surprised me the most was Artemis Fowl. I wasn't expecting to see some many puns and smart comments.
Artemis Fowl. I enjoyed it and it was fun to read. I kept getting pulled into the book. There were parts of the book that I just couldn't stop at it was so thrilling.
If I had any advise for student success I would say read books you think you will like and give all genres a try. If you don't particularly like a genre read that one in the middle. So you can read your favorite ones first and last. Make sure you read enough books.
If I had any advice for Mrs. Edlin it would be nothing. I didn't do what I needed on my end she did what she was suppose to on her end.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stop Motion Animation Reflection

My movie is about a guy sleeping on a park bench. In his dream there are a whole lot of things going on in the background. A few things are; a bug going across the back, Batman floating down then back up. The process of making my stop motion animation movie is long. Each day you come and get the supplies you need to take the photos that day. To get a good movie you set it up the same every day. If you use Imovie you need to take 600 photos for a 60 second movie. The hardest part was getting everything close tom where it was the day before. It looks weird when it moves in the wrong direction. I am proud of the end project. It was long and somewhat hard but I am glad with the end product. It looks very good. The movie came out just like what we wanted. A guy sleeping on a bench with a weird dream. Animation is very cool. You can see what it looks like before you edit it. IF you only see the final movie you don't see what was animated or edited.